Tectonic are Gavin Charles & Janette Stuart

From Trip Hop to Dance Rock... combining
"east-meets-west" melodies with killer vocals.
Their music is a true 'cross over' between dance club act and rock,
featuring Gavin on synths and guitars, and Janette on vocals.

Prior to forming Tectonic, Janette & Gavin gathered a wealth of touring experience,
with over 1,200 live performances in about 30 countries...
at everything from nightclubs and rock venues to European festivals and concert arenas; 
as well as having enjoyed chart success with a UK Top 20 hit!  

More recently, they have taken a step back from their gigs as Tectonic in pubs, clubs and festivals,
to concentrate on writing/recording... applying their skills to composing
Music for Film/TV and Advertising, providing Music for Original Stage Productions,
Recording/Releasing independent tracks,
and Gavin co-producing an Australian No. 1 single.

In the studio, Gavin is an accomplished musician/programmer/producer;
and Janette is a seasoned vocalist/melodist/lyricist - so together
they create music and songs based around Dance/Trip Hop Electronica,
with elements of Pop, Orchestral, Jazz and Rock.

Tectonic - Music that makes the Earth move!