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Hydroponic garden
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Hydroponic garden up close.
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Another view of the hydroponic garden.
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Yet another view of the hydroponic garden.
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The Author has compiled some Links to Other Hydroponic Sites. This is not an exhaustive list, but covers hydroponics generally in the educational sites (.edu in their URL) and above all, how home growers have coped with various hydroponic systems, and some of the problems they have encountered. Please advise the Author of any diverted or dead links.

Educational Sites and Home Growers.

Growing hydroponic tomatoes home page ..... from University of Arizona.

Home hydroponics ..... from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Hydro ..... from a home hydroponics enthusiast.

Hydroponic chilies .... by Willard Bridgham.

Hydroponic lettuce - and old but helpful article. .... by the Schundler Company using a Perlite medium.

Hydroponics ..... by Mike Newsome.

Hydroponics as a hobby. ..... by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Hydroponics, Growing vegetables without soil. ..... from the Connecticut Agricultural Experimental Station.

Hydroponics home built. ..... by

Hydroponics. .... by Joseph Feser.
If saving as a Favorite, add "in Ohio" to the name so it does nor clash with a similar name above.

Misplaced floriculture students growing lettuce. ..... from the Colorado State University.

Hydroponics On Line.... A very useful site for beginners and experienced hydroponic growers as well. The site contains photographs from around the World, a bulletin board, member's contributions and various tips for growing all types of plants hydroponically.

Commercial Links.

The Author will not list Commercial links that promote the cultivation of Cannabis. The cultivation of Cannabis sativa in Australia is illegal, however it seems to grow quite well as a weed.

Crescent Hydroponics. ... by Dennis DeLaurier of Round Rock, Texas, USA.
This site has for sale a compact disk that runs on Windows computers. It contains a complete introduction to Hydroponics with 17 sets of plans with parts lists. Learn how to grow your own plants without soil outdoors or in your own home. Safety, seed starting and greenhouses are covered. Plant pests (at least in the US) are also covered.

Gardening. My Garden is a website that aims to provide valuable information for all types of gardening, both for Australian conditions and gardening around the World. Currently over 210,000 plants on file.

Hydroponics. Hydroponic Gardening supplies and systems Online Superstore features a great selection of hydroponics products, grow lights and equipment, indoor plant lighting, environmental controllers, Nutrients, organic fertilizers and Hydroponics kits.

pH meters, buffer solutions and conductivity meters for both home and commercial hydroponic growers. This company stocks a wide range of both pH and conductivity meters and will deliver your order anywhere in the world.

The aerogarden is a mini hydroponic garden for beginners and experts alike.

iBrain searches for excellence in web sites and displays them in various categories, all of which are available here. This site opens in the Garden Directory; just scroll down for other directories.

Contacts Buy discount contact lenses online at We carry all major brands as well as hard-to-find specialty lenses. Over 1 million lenses in stock.

Hydro Terra - Hydroponic Indoor Gardening and Growing Supplies.
Hydro Terra offers the most complete line of hydroponic Indoor Gardening products and Hydroponic Growing Supplies.

Garden Sheds
- Shedspot is the online King of Sheds, with a huge range of garden, workshop and general purpose sheds as well as aviaries, carports and garages all at discounted prices and delivered door to door.

Hydroponic Systems & Supplies
The Hydroponics Shop is Australia's premier supplier of hydroponic, aquaponic & aeroponic systems and supplies.

Synthetic Rattan
Garden Garden Bali provides some of the best garden vase, pots and garden furniture that can be found in Bali, Indonesia.

Garden Sculpture Fountain
A website providing many types of Indonesian garden terracotta pots.

Providing all kind of furniture products for your home from Bali, Indonesia.

Floor Vases
A website providing thousands of outdoor and indoor planters and vases.

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