Located in southern central Queensland, Australia. Home of Grevillea “Robyn Gordon” and‚ G.“ Sandra Gordon” and G.“Merinda Gordon” and their creator David Gordon.

This is a place where some spieces of australian plants have found sanctuary. This also a place where I found a sanctuary. My objective in this project was to capture the garden and its small places of beauty in colour with my pinhole camera.

After many visits over a year I edited down my negatives and created images for an exhibition called Natural Encounter which was held as part of celebrations within the Garden in 1999. David Gordon had turned 100 years of age.

I present to you a selection of work from this exhibition and have linked my artist statement and further information alongwith other images to this page.


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All Images and text by Victoria Cooper©1998 and 1999

Summer Angophora‚ January 1999 ©Victoria Cooper