The landscape
is the visual evidence of the eternal, relentless action of the forces of nature.
These forces act upon the surface and structure of rock; eroding, moulding, layering, bending
and sometimes breaking the earth.
An ageless cycle controlled by nature that humanity can neither prevent or revert.
The manifestation of this cycle is the physical and mystical presence
of the land
a source of age-long human intrigue and curiosity.
No landform conveys
this presence more than that of rock,
The Rocks of the Ages.

These images form part of a continuing collection of my visual and spiritual experiences with the land. They are created using an ancient imaging device, the Pinhole, along with the contemporary techniques of photography. Each handcrafted image is then selectively toned to nurture this impression of my connection with each landform.

Images and Text by Victoria Cooper © 1998

Victoria's Royal Edinburgh Scottish shortbread biscuit tin made into a panoramic pinhole camera.

This bikkie tin has created images from around Australia, New Zealand and Namibia.