An awareness pinhole photography has always been with me but I have always thought about it as being used primarily by art teachers as a way of maintaining student interest whilst teaching photographic fundamentals.

Age and serious involvement in photography has in time impeded my acceptance of anything of a certain "standard" or "quality" relating to either the imaging device or the outcome.

Until a few years ago the pinnacle of my photographic technique was 10X8 contact prints on platinum paper. Ah! But a in the early 1990's a friend's interest and involvement in Pinholing helped brush aside the techno-arrogance that I had for photography.

Now I've gone to retro-technology ~ pinholing. It was radical shock therapy: no viewfinder, guessed exposures, image hunting based on having fun, and of course, the occasional great images that my purist peers just don't understand.

For me pinholing creates images by simplicity, there is no techno-pretence; the images speak as murmurings, incantations of nostalgia, of mystique and memory; they are incisive and nebulous simultaneously; the process is an enigma.

And the images are. . . . . where echoes come from!*

Doug Spowart 1996

*Title of the first body of pinhole imagery produced

The Graflex 4x5 camera fitted with a Zone Plate used by Doug
The Sentinel
Doug Spowart 1998
The Sentinel ~ Read about this image See more Zone Plate images