Some other things I've tried...

I was mulling over the Riddle again last night, thinking about possible simple solutions.

The first one I thought of was that the "bars" are listed in the Riddle in descending order, 6, 5, 4, 0. Perhaps this is meant to tell us to reorder the URL in the Riddle is reverse order? ie

No. It didn't work.

Next, I wondered if the 6,5,4 sequence was meant to indicate the the URL should be divisible by these numbers, perhaps with the "raised" and "closed" visor terms indicating whether one should increase or decrease the URL octets to generate a number exactly divisible by the number of bars. This would give us: 132 (next higher number divisible by 6), 95 (next higher number divisible by 5) or 90 (next lower number), and 16 (divisible by 4). This doesn't tell us what to do with the "0" entry in the bars column. Perhaps it means to round it to the nearest zero? That would give us the URLs or No luck here either.

Another idea: using the bar numbers to change the final digit in the URL octets. This gives us

Then I thought perhaps the 6,5,4 sequence might be applied to the order of the suffix "+ORC" -- perhaps giving us /CRO or /CROPLUS as a suffix. Worth a search, anyway.

Well, none of these seem to work, but you've got to try any idea that springs to mind...

Perhaps this might trigger some ideas for you?

12 May 1997

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