Some verse in the form of a Saga ;-) by John Blayney.

Here's my 2 cents worth...

100 years ago, great men with long white hair,
Stood in an old shearing shed - Cor, was it hot in there,
And haggled and debated, 'til they did most royally stink,
Then ol' Sir Sammy Griffith, grabbed his pen and ink,
And cried, "I know just what to do!"
"Let's start with Section ninety -two."

"From now on, so let it be,
Interstate trade and commerce shall be free!"
But Isaac Isaacs said, "Man does that smell,
It'd sound half decent if you put in intercourse as well."
Then Eddie Barton chimed in, "That sounds all right,
Now get a move on or we'll be here all night."

In the dying light, the bearded men,
Argued and scribbled, until Sir Sammy's pen,
Ran out of ink, and Eddie cried in sheer delight,
"Leave it at that, who needs a Bill of Rights!"
But Isaac said, "The Yanks have one!"
Then Sammy replied, "That's why they all carry guns."

Then Sammy blew on the parchment 'til the ink was dry,
And out the door, the Founding Fathers did fly,
And congregated in the Public Bar of the nearest Hotel,
Rejoicing that they had done so well,
And the Commonwealth would soon be born,
So they boozed and sang into the morn.

'til the Publican ejected them in a rage,
And cried, "But I don't want free trade!"
And Sammy said, "It's too late now,
She'll be right mate, don't have a cow."
And he posted the Constitution to Good Queen V,
Making sure he sent it special D.

And so on 1 January 1901,
Assent was given, and the deed was done,
And now the bearded men are all dead,
Little Johnny has gone back to the shearing shed,
And found some extra words he claims,
Are signed with the Founding Fathers' names.

They begin, "With Hope in God...", a proclamation made,
But at that critical point, Sir Sammy's ink does fade,
So Johnny's just made up the rest,
He says he's really done his best,
But the author of this rhyme,
Can see these few more words: "...We'll be out before closing time."