If you're looking for the Preamble to the Constitution of Australia, it's here. Sorry about the confusion!


Since I changed the page yesterday (5 May), I've received some interesting email.

I expected that +ORC would eventually take a look at 'his' page here, but I hadn't expected a response. Well, I received an email from him overnight (via three consecutive anonymous remailers -- how's that for security!).

Here's the news: he does have a page. He is not Swiss. He's provided a further clue. Here's (part of) what he says:

"I'll tell you this: If you (when you'll) solve the riddle do not be deceived: you'll find a "dead" page with another riddle.
Like "Matrioshkas", that's not nice of mine is it?
But my knowledge, rest assured, you'll always have it for free (like everybody else).
I'm not hyding any treasure on the web..., therefore your attitude is most correct... you're in for the game and the challenge... right so +cracker! "

Splendid fellow. So now we can get down to the business of cracking the Riddle, without worrying whether his Web page exists. I have no reason to doubt +ORC's word on this.

MatrioshkaMatrioshkas: how many of them are there?


Now, back to the main +ORC page...