The Kr0me riddle: more...

The original riddle is at

Since the first posting of the previous page, they have changed the text a little. As of 24 August, there is some encoded gray text at the bottom of the page:

tfflfs! uif uijse hbuf xjmm pqfo po uif ofyu qfovncsbm mvobs fdmjqtf,
gps b ufsn pg uisff ipvst, tubsujoh bu tjy p'dmpdl, hnu

It's a simple ROT code. I'll leave you to find out what it says. It's very interesting, but you will need to solve it before 6th September (I have it on good authority it was not 8th August :-) .

There are also some more comments embedded in the HTML. One of them suggests that the solution to the riddle is not self-referential, as H+R suggested, but has something to do with the letters:

Kv QW n df

It's turning out to be a more interesting challenge than it looked. And nice to have an interactive riddle rather than a dead one. Thanks, kr0me-ites.

Thanks also to matt j. for pointing out the changes.

25 August 98