A Guide to Web Image Compression Software: SiteSpeed

Software type:  JPEG optimisers

Company: Echelon
URL: http://www.echelon1.com/buz/ep/sitespeed/
Program: SiteSpeed 1.2
Program URL: http://www.echelon1.com/buz/ep/sitespeed/
Platform: w95
Type: JPEG (and other graphics file type) compressor
Price: US$19


SiteSpeed is a straight forward application that accepts a variety of input file types (GIF, JPEG BMP etc). It outputs them as compressed JPEGs. It has a single slider to set the JPEG compression level. The compression quality is typical of this class of programs. It differs from other programs in that it has an FTP transfer capability that allows you to compress graphics then upload them to your web site. The demo progam is functional but it won't let you save files.

Note: On 4th March I had a report that SiteSpeed's website had disappeared. That was true for a while but now it's back (April 5th).


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