A Guide to Web Image Compression Software: RapidVue

Software type:  Image optimiser, browser plugin(!)

Company: Pegasus Imaging Corporation
URL: http://www.pegasusimaging.com/
Program: RapidVue browser plugin
Program URL: http://www.pegasusimaging.com/product.html
Platform: w95, Netscape/IE
Type: Image viewer, compressor
Price: US$19


This is an unexpected and unusual program. It's a plugin viewer for Netscape 3+/IE3+ browsers, that also lets you compress and save the images you view. Not in the least conventional, but it works very well indeed. To activate it, you use the "save as" option in the win95 right-click menu. Instead of just seeing a file save menu, you're presented with RapidVue's compression control interface. It has one unique characteristic for JPEG files: it doesn't decompress the image before recompressing, so it adds no additional image artifacts on higher compression, unlike every other program, so far as I know. It's very useful if you already have JPEG files on your web pages that you want to compress a bit more (like I do). It handles a number of other file formats, and allows password protection and hidden text data editing. When you install it, it puts you into the help file. Read this on how to activate it from the browser before closing! Well worth looking at. It comes as a nag-free 10 file-save demo in the same download/install package as PICPress 3.6.

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