A Guide to Web Image Compression Software: PICPress Photoshop Plugin

Software type:  GIF/JPEG optimisers

Company: Pegasus Imaging Corporation
URL: http://www.pegasusimaging.com/
Program: PICPress for Photoshop v3.03
Program URL: http://www.pegasusimaging.com/product.html#picpress
Platform: w95
Type: JPEG image compressor, Photshop plugin
Price: US$29


This is a PhotoShop plugin version of PICPress 3.7. It is invoked by selecting the "Save As" file menu in Photoshop and selecting the PICPress JPEG item. It outputs JPEGs (as well as Pegasus' proprietary PIC file format) but will accept as input any file format that Photoshop can read. It offers separate chrominance and luminance compression controls, without the single slider that the full PICPress allows. In many ways this is more useful. It also has a "view" button that lets you see the output file and its size before you save the file. This is a very welcome addition.

It does a very good job, and the interface is an improvement on the earlier version. The only irritation is the slightly circuitous route you need to take to access it. A filter-style plugin would be easier to get at, and would presumably then run with other programs such as PaintShop Pro. However this is a minor quibble.

To find out if there's a new version of the program available you need to visit the Pegasus FTP server and check the date of the latest file, as the Web site is not very helpful in telling you what's new. If you have an earlier copy installed when you install a new version, it will check to see if it is registered. If so, it retains the registration information. In practice, it's a good idea to keep your registration number safe so that you can re-enter it if needed.

Quick summary: a very good one to shortlist if you have PhotoShop.


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