A Guide to Web Image Compression Software: WebSpeed Pro 2.4

Software type:  JPEG/GIF editor/optimiser

Company: PiCoBello
URL: http://www.picobello.com/
Program: WebSpeed Pro 2.4
Program URL: http://www.picobello.com/
Platform: w95
Type: JPEG/GIF (and other graphics file type) compressor/editor
Price: US$79


This is a very sophisticated program that does a great deal more than just compress graphics. It accepts a variety of input file types and can save files as GIFs and JPEGs. It allows complex palette editing for GIFs, multiple output image previews and a host of things I haven't explored fully yet. It allows batch processing of files and it has an option to optimise all the graphics on a web page. It allows you to create processing macros to run numbers of files through automatically. Initial inspection suggests the output quality is good. There's plenty of scope for fine adjustments. Definitely worth a look if you enjoy careful image tweaking, but not for those who want a simple life! It has inline tutorials and beginner hints that help a lot in working how to run things.

I ran into only one problem, a jpeg image that caused the program to crash. This appears to be an isolated event. PiCoBello are looking into it.


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