The JPEG Wizard Online: JPEG compression

Now there's a second online graphics compression wizard: The JPEG Wizard Online at Pegasus Imaging. It does a superb job, probably even better than the GIFWizard, but only for JPEG files.

The idea is you submit to it the file name of the JPEG (on your own PC hard disk) you want compressed, it uploads it, compresses it according to parameters you set and points you to the Pegasus ftp site so that you can see the results (and download them). It provides three images with different levels of compression at one time, each of which you can set the compression levels for.

The service is free, though it only looks at one file at a time.

How does it compare with the Pegasus PicPress software? It's virtually identical. If you like the results and have a large number of JPEG files you want to compress (and use a Windows 32 bit PC) then it's worth downloading the PicPress software (now version 3.8 - at 30th April). Of course, if you use a Mac or a Unix machine, the Online service is the only choice, but for a small number of files, there's not much overhead.

You can also add your own comment to a JPEG file, unlike GIFWizard, which adds its own. Highly recommended.

30 April 1998

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