A Guide to Web Image Compression Software: JPEGiT!

Software type:  GIF/JPEG optimisers

Company: inTouch Technology Corp.
URL: http://www.in-touch.com/
Program: JPEGiT!
Program URL: http://www.in-touch.com/pjpeg2.html
Platform: w95, mac
Type: JPEG optimiser and progressive JPEG converter
Price: US$21.99


JPEGiT! is a simple plug-in for Photoshop. It lives in the plugins directory and is activated through the "SAVE AS" menu. Its main function is to allow you to create progressive JPEG files - the ones that emerge from a blur as they load, rather than building up line by line. Older browsers don't support progressive JPEG files but that's becoming less of a concern as time passes. The interface is simple: two tick-boxes and an image quality slider. It does what it sets out to do. The only control you have over the size of the file is the single slider. There's no option to choose different types of sampling.

It doesn't have the features that some of the fancier programs do, and it only creates JPEG files, not GIFs. But then it's not expensive. If you only want a plugin that allows you to create progressive JPEGs, this one will suit your needs.

The demo program needs to be registered to obtain a registration code that works only for a limited time. After that it doesn't work and you need to put the cash on the table for a permanent code.


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