A Guide to Web Image Compression Software: BitmapShrinker

Software type:  JPEG optimisers

Company: Peter Beyersdorf
URL: http://www.beyersdorf.com/index.html
Program: BitmapShrinker 1.02
Program URL: http://www.beyersdorf.com/bshrinke.html
Platform: w95
Type: JPEG (and other graphics file type) optimiser
Price: US$17


BitmapShrinker shrinks and enlarges graphics. It tries to choose the best fitting colors for the pixels to avoid disturbing stair- and block-effects. Unfortunately it doesn't handle GIF files. The author states this is because of copyright problems for the algorithms. I'm not sure why this hasn't stopped the other software writers from tackling GIFs.

The program has a simple interface that functions well.

One annoyance is that on first operation, it uploads information into the Windows 95 Registry. However, there is no uninstall program to remove this again. I would have thought a simple INI file would have been a much better idea.


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