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Gerry Hogan, Golf teacher

or, Where to learn how to swing a golf club. Properly. Permanently.

Gerry Hogan in teaching mode

In 1992, in a frenzy of agony about my golf swing, then in a severe downward spiral, I came across a book called simply GOLF, by Gerry Hogan. On the front cover, it also claimed to be "the most revolutionary golf book you will ever read". Well, I thought, that's a bold claim. Though skeptical, I bought it. It was a very good decision.

It was, as I wrote to Gerry a little later, a truly original book, that threw out much of the baggage of decades of golf teaching. Golf teaching that had not worked for me, for one. It also encompassed some very good physics. As I'm trained in physics, this appealed greatly, as it made sense of the golf swing for me for the first time.

My letter to Gerry was the start of a great friendship. In the five years I've known him, Gerry has been on an odyssey to bring his message from the rolling pastures of Armidale in rural New South Wales to the world. He has produced a revolutionary golf club shaft, some very fine clubs, and an exceptional video on learning golf.

Update 30 August 2003

In the years since then Gerry's thinking about the golf swing has developed further, though none of his original ideas have changed. It is still a profoundly simple set of ideas, totally different from the beweildering array of "do's and don'ts" you get in converntional teaching.

Gerry's book has been out of print for a few years but it is often available (especially in Australia) from secondhand bookshops who still have publisher remainders. You can start a search for it via AbeBooks. Enter 'Gerry Hogan' in the author slot and 'Golf' in the keyword slot (no quotes).

Gerry's video is also well worth tracking down. To acquire a copy, in Australia (ie PAL standard), contact Geoff Everett by phone on 1 800 644 777. In the USA (NTSC standard) contact Joe Taggert at the Golf Foundation of Tennessee on 615 790 7600 (work) or email

Gerry's website is back online again at

David Nicholls
25 June 1997 / 30 August 2003