A List of Early Australian Golf Professionals

Alberts, Eric                pro WAGC, Cottesloe, late 1920s-30s, won WA PGA 1939  
Alexander, H             c   pro (1st) Heidelberg GC late 1920s-30s                
Alman, B                     pro Mackay GC1940                                     
Anderson, David              b St Andrews Scotland, d 1939, pro RPGC 1928-39       
Anderson, E                  won Qld PGA 1937,38                                   
Ashby, Ted                   pro Toowoomba GC 1937                                 
Ashley, J W                  pro in NSW 1937                                       
Auld, Bruce                  b Adelaide 1912, pro Mt Adelaide late 1930s to 60s    
Baguley, J                   pro Nambour GC 1936                                   
Baldwin, Walter          c   pro Riversdale 1924-29                                
Banks, Rowley            c   pro Kew GC 1899-1902, Yarra Yarra (Rosanna) 1919-28,  
                             also Mordialloc with S Bennett 1919+, foundation      
                             memb. Aust PGA 1911                                   
Banks, R S (Dick)        c   pro Albert Park GC -1922-23+                          
Barr, R                      pro in NSW 1937                                       
Beazley, Jack                asst pro Metropolitan 1939                            
Bedford, Keith               b Sydney 1917, pro Waratah GC (Newcastle)             
Bennett, Sid             c   pro Mordialloc GC (1st) 1914-20, Commonwealth GC      
                             (1st) 1920-24, Victoria GC                            
Billings, Vivian Sydney      b Lillydale Vic 1916, pro Greenacres GC               
Bishop, Joe                  pro North Adelaide GC -1914-32                        
Bissett, E D                 pro RFGC won 1928 SA Open later returned to England   
Blair, Andy                  pro Altona Public G Course 1938                       
Bolger, Edward Charles       b 1908, pro Carnarvon GC NSW mid 1930s for 35 years   
Bolger, Frederick F          pro in NSW 1937, store pro Nock & Kirby Ltd           
Bolger, William Joseph       b Mortlake NSW 1910, d 1977, 1st pro Oatlands GC      
(Billy)                      1931-34, also Concord?, assistant to Arthur East,     
                             Tom Howard at Concord 1922-, store pro Mick Simmons   
                             Sports Store Sydney from 1935, won 1930,39 NSW PGA,   
                             1934 Aust. Open                                       
Boorer, Horace (Horrie,  c   b Cuckfield England 1905, pro Woodlands 1927-45       
Boorer, Len                  1st pro Kingswood GC 1938                             
Booth, Charles Thomas        b Sydney 1909, pro Moore Park 1927-41, New Brighton   
Broderick, P T               pro City Golf Links, Flemington Vic 1931, Royal Park  
Brown, Charlie           c   pro Goodna GC Qld 1930s, won Qld PGA 1929-30-31-32,   
                             Qld Open 1932                                         
Bruce, Eric                  b 1917, pro Albury GC 1936-77                         
Brydon, Alf                  pro Ingham GC 1930s, apprenticed to W Ellis,          
                             Townsville GC late 1920s                              
Burke, T                     pro in NSW 1937                                       
Byrne, Cecil             c   pro/designer/investor Warringah GC 1934-39            
Campbell, Charles            b Bondi 1890, d 1982(75?), pro Leura -1922-26-,       
Waverley                     Brisbane GC, NSWGC 1928-, won Aust Open 1922,         
                             foundation member Aust PGA 1911                       
Campbell, Colin              b Richmond Vic 1907, pro Rye GC to 1960+              
Campbell, W                  pro in NSW 1937                                       
Carr, Dick               c   b 1910, pro Sandgate (Qld) 1926-, store pro at        
                             Anthony Horderns 1930-37, DJs 1937-39, pro Manly      
                             1940-76, won Qld PGA 1927                             
Cassidy, Tom                 pro in WA                                             
Cates, E A (Ted)         c   pro Ballarat ~1923, foundation member Aust PGA 1911   
Cation, Alex B               pro Yass 1941, later Dubbo                            
Chaplin, Ernest Walter       b Sydney 1913, pro Strathfield, Leura                 
Chaplin, Leslie William      b Sydney 1914, Asst Pro Australian for 19 yrs,        
(Les)                        Avondale, Pymble 1948-                                
Chitty, A E (Alf)        c   d WWII, pro Manly 1921-40                             
Clark, Carnegie          c   b Carnoustie Scotland 1881, d 1959, arr Aust 1902,    
                             worked for Holdsworth Macpherson Co. stores, pro      
                             RSGC 1904-30, Avondale 1931-36                        
Clark, Hastings              pro Bowral GC for nearly 50 years (son of Carnegie    
Clark, Keith Angus           b Sydney 1913, pro Goulburn, Ballarat, Avondale,      
                             pro/coach at Hartley Sports Store Melb 1938  (son of  
                             Carnegie Clark)                                       
Clark, Jack                  d 1916 (WWI) pro Concord 1911-15, foundation member   
                             Aust PGA 1911                                         
Clark, Reg                                                                         
Clark, Walter Jones      c   b Carnoustie Scotland 1895, d 1959, arr Aust 1912,    
                             pro Killara (2nd) 1922-51                             
Clifford, W J (Bill)         pro Metropolitan -1934 Peninsula GC late 1930s        
Clifford, Jack           c                                                         
Cohen, Joseph Hilton     c   b Sydney 1914, d 1935, dept store pro, asst to A      
(Joe)                        Keane, T Popplewell at Mosman GC, Aust.v US Lakes     
                             Cup rep 1935                                          
Connors, Charlie M           pro Leviathan Store Melb 1931, won Vic PGA 1937,38    
Corry, Leo                   pro Cairns GC 1935                                    
Corry, Will              c   store pro at Mick Simmonds Sports Store Sydney        
                             1925-35, pro St Michael's GC 1938, won 1925 NSW PGA   
Crean, G                     pro Hamilton GC                                       
Cremin, Eric James           b Mascot NSW 1914, d 1973, pro Roseville late 1930s   
                             to 1960+, won Aust & NSW PGA 1937,38                  
Cullen, Daniel John          b Bunbury WA 1915, asst pro WAGC, Cottesloe GC        
(Dan)                        1930-33, pro Nedlands WA, Roseville NSW prior to      
                             WWII, St Michaels after WWII for over 20 yrs          
Dakers, David                pro RFGC ~1912                                        
Daniels, Tom             c   pro Killara ~1915-22, foundation member Aust PGA      
Denehey, Denis Noel          b Hobart 1920  asst pro Kingston Beach, pro Mowbray   
Denholm, Alexander       c   b Berwick Scotland, went to Canada, worked in         
(Alec)                       Australia after WWI with McMillan Deery Co Ltd, pro   
                             (1st) Townsville GC 1924-25, pro (1st) Indooroopilly  
                             GC June 1926-28 , RQGC 1928-48, protegé of Ben        
Denholm, Duncan              1st pro Balgowlah GC 1925, pro Mosman mid-late 1930s  
Denton, Max                  pro in NSW 1930s, pro? Grafton GC                     
Donald, J                    pro Manly 1908-11                                     
Downes, Arthur           c   1st pro Roseville 1923-42                             
Downs, J                     pro Nudgee GC 1940                                    
Duffy, Eric                  asst pro to A Spence at Yarra Yarra 1934              
Eames, W J               c   pro Eastern GC Doncaster 1931                         
East, Arthur W           c   b Sydney 1891, d Sydney 1973,  asst pro Australian    
                             1907-15, Concord 1915-22, USA 1922-30, The Lakes GC   
East, J Victor           c   b Elie Scotland 1886, d USA 1976, pro RSGC 1901-04,   
                             on loan to Australian 1901, pro Australian 1905-16    
                             (with G Martin to 1909, with AW East 1907-15, with F  
                             Popplewell 1909-16), Sandringham 1915 (w LeFevre),    
                             RMGC 1916-22, to USA in1922  (NB published history    
                             of Australian GC is confused in the period 1909-15),  
                             foundation member Aust PGA 1911                       
Edgar, M                     pro Riversdale 1916                                   
Ellis, Walter                pro Kingston Beach GC 1926, Townsville GC March       
                             1926-29 previously at Ventnor GC and Colombo GC (12   
Enderby, Clem                pro/coach Hartley Sports Store Melb 1936              
English, W                   pro Rosanna GC 1937                                   
Eyre, Francis Patrick    c   b Sydney 1899, 1st pro Long Reef GC 1922-63           
Ferguson, Bert               b Melbourne 1911, pro Royal Park 1930s to 50s+, asst  
                             to E LeFevre Myer Golf School 1934, won Vic PGA 1933  
Ferguson, D                  pro Croydon GC (Vic) 1938                             
Findlay, A E (Alf)       c   pro Victoria GC 1906-34 (visiting pro, Geelong GC     
Findlay, Fred            c   pro Metropolitan 1910-34                              
Fowler, William Joseph   c   b Ballarat Vic 1901, pro Nth Ballarat GC 1930-,       
Fullarton, Jim               1st pro Bondi GC                                      
Gaffney, C                   pro in NSW 1937                                       
Gammell, Arthur          c   pro Maryborough GC pre 1929, pro Townsville GC        
                             1929-30, pro (1st) Virginia GC (Brisbane) 1930-       
Gemmel, Alex             c                                                         
Gazzard, Arthur  E           pro Victoria park GC, won Qld PGA 1933,35             
George, CGK                  pro Mossvale                                          
Grace, James (Jimmie)    c   pro Peninsula CGC 1927-34                             
Gray, Charlie E          c   b Sydney 1905 assistant to D Soutar Manly GC, J       
                             Kirkwood in US, pro Balgowlah GC 1928, store pro at   
                             Lowes Ltd                                             
Halliday, A              c   pro Rockhampton GC ~1920-                             
Harris, R                    r/u Aust PGA 1936                                     
Harper, L H                  pro in Vic 1904, pro Victoria GC                      
Harvey, Willie               pro in SA 1930, won SA PGA 1938,40                    
Heath, Joe                   pro Peninsula Qld (later Redcliffe) GC 1938-          
Heard, Tom               c   b Scotland, d Sydney 1939, pro Waratah GC Newcastle   
                             1919-22+, 1st pro Kogarah GC 1932-39                  
Hingston, (?)                pro Kew GC (1st) 1897-98, trained by R Taylor         
Horne, L                     pro Sunshine GC 1938                                  
Hornsby, Arthur J        c   pro Peninsula CGC 1932                                
Horsburgh, (?)               pro RPGC 1909-12                                      
Holder, William Charles      b Sydney 1916, pro Lakes late 1930s to 50s, asst pro  
                             mid 1930s                                             
Holland, Lew             c   (Aust?)                                               
Howard, George               pro Pennant Hills (1st) 1924-WW2+                     
Howard, Thomas Ewington  c   b Sydney 1888, d 1967, pro Concord 1922-35, RFGC      
Howard, Albert Cecil         b 1913, store pro at Marcus Clark Ltd, pro in NSW     
(Al)                         1937, pro Woollahra 1946-48, Cromer 1948-51, later    
                             Monash, Rosnay (son of Tom Howard)                    
Hunter, James                b Scotland, pro Hobart GC 1901-2, RMGC 1902-03        
Hunter, Willie               b Perth Scotland 1878 (reported, but definitely       
                             earlier), arrived Aust 1898 pro Australian 1899-1901  
                             then moved to USA, and England after1905              
Hutchinson, (?)              asked to submit plans for Australian GC Kensington,   
Irving, John A (Jack)    c   b Eastbourne England 1876, d 1960, pro in England     
                             (Downs GC Eastbourne) before coming to Aust, pro      
                             Cammeray 1922, 1st pro Canberra GC 1926-33, pro       
                             Orange GC 1933-35+, PGA life member 1940              
Isles, W                 c   pro Kew GC 1902-05, Northern GC ~1923                 
James, Vic                   pro Bonnie Doon in 1926                               
Johnson, J C                                                                       
Johnstone, N                 pro Pennant Hills mid-late 1930s                      
Jones, Harry                 pro Rosanna GC 1931                                   
Jones, Ken                   b 1906, pro Townsville GC 1936-48, RQGC 1948-, later  
                             Virginia GC (Brisbane) and Pacific GC (Brisbane)      
Jordan, George           c   pro Northern GC Glenroy Vic                           
Jupp, Reg A              c   b Melbourne 1896, pro Metropolitan 1922-41            
Kane, Charles (Chas)                                                               
Katterns, DW                 pro Keperra GC 1939                                   
Kay, C G                     pro Mossvale 1930s                                    
Keane, Arthur Joseph     c   b 1907 Sydney, d 1990, asst pro/pro Cammeray GC       
(Arch)                       1921-29+ and at Crows Nest sports store later, also   
                             at Mosman GC 1930s, manager of Sarazen during 1936    
Keating, Barny               pro 1931                                              
Kelly, Michael Louis         b 1913 Wellington NSW, asst pro Canberra GC 1927-32,  
(Lou)                        NSWGC 1933?, pro Goulburn GC 1932-, store pro at the  
                             NSW Sports Store,  pro St Michael's, Bexley, to 50s,  
                             won Aust Open 1933                                    
Kelly, WJ                    pro Kew GC 1925-27                                    
Kirkwood, Joe H          c   b Sydney 1897, d USA 1970, pro Riversdale GC          
                             1916-21, apprenticed to D Soutar, Manly 1911-15       
Lawson, Alf                  pro Oatlands GC 1934-65                               
LeFevre, Arthur          c   b Rye England 1887, d 1957, pro RMGC 1919-48 (1922-   
                             on own)                                               
LeFevre, Ernest W        c   pro Elsternwick GC ~1921 Albert Park GC "many years"  
                             & pro at Myer Emporium                                
Levy, G                      pro New Amstel Park GC 1938                           
Linquist, Jim            c   pro Albert Park GC 1938, pro in 1931                  
Lowe, George             c   pro Barwon Heads  GC (1st) 1912-24, Geelong GC        
                             1913-14 and 1919 (enlisted WWI), also Linksland       
Maiden, Allan Fawns      c   b Carnoustie Scotland 1887, d 1980, arr Aust 1910     
                             pro Riversdale (1st) 1910-16, Victoria GC 1919-39     
                             (with Alf Findlay to 1934), Long Is. GC ~1946-,       
                             foundation member Aust PGA 1911                       
Martin A L                   pro Australian 1901-2                                 
Martin, Edgar                pro RMGC 1899-1900, Riversdale 1916 (few months)      
Martin, Gilies L             pro Australian 1902-09 (with J V East from 1905),     
                             apprentice to Willie Hunter at Australian prior to    
Mason, W (Billy)             pro Cammeray 1926, taught at Moore Park               
Maunder, Percy W             b England, d 1968? pro RPGC 1912-28                   
McArthur, A S                pro to NSW North Coast Golf Assoc 1924, pro in Qld    
McDonald, D                  pro Avondale mid-late 1930s                           
McDonough, Eric              pro Heidelberg GC                                     
McDowall, F              c                                                         
McGlashan, WH                pro Healsville Golf House 1938                        
McInnes, Jim                 pro Tweed Heads-Coolangatta 1938                      
McLachlan, J                 pro NSWGC mid-late 1930s, won SA Open 1935            
McLaren, Alexander       c   b Scotland, pro RMGC 1903-07, then to USA             
McLaren, Jack                b Scotland, pro RMGC 1907-09 ("did not make clubs")   
                             (brother of A McLaren)                                
McKay, Hector                pro Wollongong GC for 60 years                        
MacKenzie, Stuart            pro (1st) Australian 1895-6                           
MacKenzie, William           b Nigg Scotland 1900, d 1976, arr Aust 1923, 1st pro  
                             Goulburn 1923-6, Avondale 1927-30, Australian         
McMahon, Fergus W            b Auld Reekie Scotland, pro (Adelaide) 1929-          
McManus, L R (Les)           pro Royal Hobart 1937                                 
McNab, Robert            c                                                         
McWilliam, Frederick W       b Sydney 1921, won NSW PGA 1940 asst pro Goulburn     
(Billy)                      pro Beverley Park NSW 1947-                           
Merrilees, J                 employed as pro Goulburn GC 1910 briefly              
Merrilees, Peter G       c   Sydney pro ca 1910                                    
Milliver, R                  b England, arr Aust 1897 pro Australian 1897-8        
Mills, George                pro Cessnock GC pre 1930, Townsville GC 1931-36,      
                             Tamworth GC 1936- (made clubs)                        
Moir, O J                c                                                         
More, W D                    d 1902, pro RMGC 1900-01                              
Moss, E J                    b England, pro in NSW 1912, Auckland GC 1920-27+,     
                             trained with D Soutar                                 
Mullard, Harry           c   1st pro Bankstown GC 1930-48, (also greenkeeper,      
                             construction supervisor)                              
Murphy, Scott                pro Gympie GC 1935                                    
Murray, H                c   club maker, Melbourne                                 
Naismith, Clifford John      b Melbourne 1913, d 1967, pro Waverley GC for 25      
Naismith, Edmund F       c   b Melbourne 1911, pro RMGC for 7 years, Yarra Yarra   
(Ted)                        1928, Heidelberg, Amstel, Long Island GC, London      
                             Stores 1938, Aust.v US Lakes Cup rep 1936, won Aust   
                             PGA 1939 apprenticed at RMGC                          
Naismith, George             b Melbourne 1909, d 1983, pro Riversdale 1929-63,     
William                      won Aust Open 1937                                    
Newlands, Lindsay            pro/coach Hartley Sports Store Melb 1936              
O'Brien, Frank T         c   pro Strathfield 1904?, Killara (1st) 1909-22          
                             (enlisted WWI), pro Waratah GC Newcastle 1920,        
                             foundation member Aust PGA 1911                       
Pass, A                      pro Kew GC 1925                                       
Patterson, J M T (Jack)  c   b Scotland, arr Aust 1908 pro Riversdale 1908-10,     
                             RMGC 1909-16,  in USA >1920, apprenticed to R         
                             Simpson, Carnoustie                                   
Petterson, Jim               asst pro Bonnie Doon, Australian, pro RCGC 1933-51+   
                             (served in WWII), taught at Federal GC 1938+          
Pickworth, Henry Alfred      b Sydney 1918 pro RMGC 1940                           
Popplewell, Fred T       c   b Sydney 1887, d 1966, pro (1st) Newcastle 1907-09,   
                             Australian 1909-30 (assistant 1909-12), RSGC          
                             1930-51, foundation member Aust PGA 1911              
Popplewell, Tom          c   pro Cammeray -1921+, also at Mosman GC 1930s and      
                             Pymble GC                                             
Power, Harold                pro Geelong GC 1919-26, East Geelong GC 1926-65       
Quarton, J R                 pro at Brisbane store 1932                            
Richardson, V S (Sam)        pro Moore Park 1934?, store pro at Oldfields Sports   
                             Store, won Aust PGA 1933,35                           
Rigby, Charles               pro Metropolitan 1901-10, Elsternwick GC 1920-25      
Robertson, Albert            b Australia 1896, pro Geelong GC 1914-19, later       
                             Royal Singapore, assistant to A Maiden at Riversdale  
Robertson, J (Jock)      c   pro Kew GC 1923-25, won 1930 Aust PGA                 
Robertson, W S               pro in SA 1937                                        
Robinson, C                  pro Pymble GC ~1928                                   
Russell, Bud                 b Gullane Scotland, arr Aust 1929, pro Barwon Heads   
                             GC 1930-73+                                           
Sadler, Hilton               pro Cromer GC~1929-, apprenticed to Alf Chitty,       
Scobie, Frank                pro Bathurst GC 1936                                  
Scott, James                 b Elie Scotland 1872, d Sydney 1901, arr Aust 1896    
                             pro RSGC 1896-1901, taught by Willie Hunter           
Scott, James Herd        c   b Carnoustie Scotland 1879, d 1959, arr Aust 1903     
                             pro Leura 1903-06, (Blue Mtns GC 1904?), RAGC         
                             1906-24, managed Clark Bros & Scott Sydney 1925-29,   
                             1st pro Elanora GC 1929-58                            
Sinclair, Henry Roland       b 1902 Sydney, d 1988, amateur to 1926, pro           
(Harry)                      Newcastle GC , Grafton GC, Maryborough GC (Qld)       
Sloan, H                     pro Mackay GC 1936                                    
Smith, E J (Ted)         c   pro Launceston GC ~1923, Geelong GC 1926. won 1925,   
                             26 Vic PGA                                            
Smith, Martin            c   b Vic. 1914, pro Geelong 4yrs in1930s, Northern GC    
                             10 yrs late 1930s, won Vic PGA 1939                   
Smith, Ron                   pro Kogarah 1939-                                     
Smith, Roy                   d 1962, 1st pro Blackheath GC 1926-62                 
Smith, W (Willy or       c   pro Golf House Mt Macedon 1931, Kew GC 1932-72        
Snow, C                      won WA PGA 1936,37                                    
Soutar, Daniel Gordon    c   b Carmyllie Scotland 1882, d Sydney1937, arr Aust     
                             1903 pro RSGC 1905-11 (w. Carnegie Clark), Manly      
                             1911-21, Moore Park 1921-31, store pro at Palmers     
                             Ltd, foundation member Aust PGA 1911                  
Southcombe, Tom              pro Indooroopilly 1936                                
Spence, Arthur S         c   b Sydney 1901, asst pro Australian to F Popplewell,   
                             pro RQGC to 1929, pro Yarra Yarra (E Bentleigh)       
Spence, John Donald      c   b Sydney 1906, asst Pro to F Popplewell Australian    
(Don)                        GC 1920-28, pro Leura -1934-49, Concord 1950-, won    
                             1928 NSW PGA (brother of Arthur Spence)               
Spence, R                c   pro RQGC                                              
Spicer, W L (Wal)        c   b Scotland, pro Sorrento, Royal Park ~1923, Barwon    
                             Heads 1924-30, Peninsula CGC (1st) 1926 (plus         
                             earlier at Tower House GC ~1924?), own shop Melb      
                             1931, Patterson River 1931 Geelong GC 1939-50         
Stafford, Mick               applied to Mordialloc GC 1920, pro Brisbane GC 1932   
Stewart, Rufus           c   b Scotland, pro Glenelg, Kooyonga GC (1st) 1924-48    
Taylor, Richard          c   b Hoylake England 1871, pro Melbourne GC 1891-99,     
                             Surrey Hills GC 1901-03, first golf pro in Australia  
Thomas, Charles Booth        b Sydney 1909, pro Moore Park 1927-41?                
Thomson, Don                pro Geelong GC 1926-31, Sandringham Public GCourse    
                             1932, pro/coach London Stores Melb 1934, won Vic PGA  
Thomson, A                   pro in NSW 1937                                       
Thomson, Hugh                pro Kew GC 1927-32, Sandringham 1932-                 
Thomson, W                   pro in NSW 1937 (=Willie M?)                          
Thomson, Willie M            b Scotland, pro Brisbane GC ~1905, foundation member  
                             Aust PGA 1911                                         
Tombs, Len                   1st pro Cumberland GC NSW 1937-67+                    
Toogood, Alfred Henry        b Minchinhampton England 1895, pro in UK then Port    
(Alf)                        Pirie GC, Grange GC SA -1929-35, Kingston Beach Tas   
                             1936 to retirement, won SA Open 1931, Tas Open 1938,  
von Nida, Norman Guy         b Sydney 1914, pro Nudgee GC Qld 1932,store pro at    
                             DJs 1930's, pro Steelworks GC Newcastle 1940-42       
Walker, Don              c   pro Heidelberg GC late 1930s                          
Walker, V O (Ossie)      c   Qld PGA winner 1934, 36, 39                           
Want, Reginald Henry         b Brisbane 1916, pro Wynnum 1937, Monash, Tweed       
Wells, CC                    pro Ranfurlie GC 1938                                 
West, A W                    foundation member Aust PGA 1911                       
Whillans, David Collier      b Radnor Park Scotland 1897, pro Healsville 1927-32,  
                             Cheltenham 1932-38, Woodlands 1938-42                 
Wilson, Alex                 1st pro Ryde Paramatta GC, for 38 yrs (pre 1941?)     
Wood, Ernest             c   pro Kingston Heath  (1st) 1925-60                     
Young, A F               c                                                         
Young, Dave                  pro Sandgate GC Pt Melb 1931, Highland Park 1938      
Young, Hugh                  pro Flinders GC -1920, Mordialloc GC/Woodlands        
Young, John (Jack or     c   b St Andrews Scotland 1885, pro Geelong GC 1911-12,   
Jock)                        Yarra Yarra  1917-19 (greenkeeper 1912-17), RQGC      
                             1919-21, Riversdale 1921-24 (greenkeeper 1919),       
                             Commonwealth 1924-62                                  
Youths, GC                   pro Northern GC (Vic)                                 

Many published club and regional golf histories have been consulted during the compilation of this list. The compiler wishes to acknowledge help from the following individuals: Leon Rowbell, Harold Crosling, Arnold Bull (Royal Canberra), Bill Hughes (Waratah GC), Colin deGroot (APGA), Tom Moore (Auburn GC).

The item "c" in the middle column indicates golf clubs known with this professional's name on them.
This list includes the best information avialable to me.
If you are aware of any errors or omissions, I would value your comments.

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