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Although this site is about the Canberra Region ferns, I have other pages that present a gallery of fern images from other parts. The first photographs are from a recent trip to the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland. Some very pretty images.

Native Ferns for Cool Climates

A page listing species of Australian Ferns that grow well in cool climates. It covers the horticultural aspect in detail, including a page on propagation from spores.

The Australian National Botanic Gardens home page

A very large site with all manner of information on Australian plants, including some information on ferns. The ANBG is a great place to see a range of Australian ferns growing in near-natural habitats.

Introducing Australian Ferns

An easy introduction to the subject by Lorraine Deppler, on the Society for Growing Australian Plants pages. Some nice photographs, too. Now back online.

The Fern Society of Victoria

From Victoria (south eastern Australia), a site with plenty of useful information about growing ferns. Quite a bit of it is written by Chris Goudey, well known fern book author. There's an extensive spore list, too.


A splendid site that reproduces the text and illustrations from an 1880 publication, "European Ferns" by James Britten and D Blair. Unfortunately, this site has disappeared. The link is broken. If anyone finds it again, please . I have received the following confirmation from Pierre Laurent at theUniversité de Caen:

Désolé, ces pages ne sont plus accessibles sur le WWW. Cela était un test dans le cadre de la bibliothèque scientique, mais ce projet n'a pas été poursuivi.

The Dutch Fern Society

De Nederlandse Varenvereniging, in Dutch, but with an English version.

The San Diego Fern Society

A comprehensive site from one of the largest fern groups in the United States

The American Fern Society

Another very comprehensive site.

The Southwestern Fern Society

A site from Dallas, Texas. Some excellent stuff here.

The British Pteridological Society

A new British site, in progress.

Hardy Palm Trees and Ferns around DC

A site on ferns in the Washington, DC area with a good collection of fern images and information, by John Corgan. Very nice site design. The main entry page is here.

Cold-hardy Tree Ferns

This is a very comprehensive site about many different varieties of tree fern, with notes on how well they succeed in cold climates (USDA zone 9a and colder). There are dozens of links to photographs of the different species (including some from these pages!) Well worth a long slow browse.

Victorian fernery at Ascog Hall

This site is dedicated to a marvellously restored Victorian era fernery at Ascog Hall on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. Well worth a visit (both cyber and real!)

Peter Richardson's fern images

Some very nice photographs of New Zealand and Hawaiian ferns. (But be warned, each image is around 250K, so they can take a while to download over a slow connection.)

Australian Correspondence Schools Horticulture Site - Ferns

Helpful information on growing ferns. Now online again.

Uni. of Minnesota - Vascular Plants - Links

A series of fern morphology links.

Society for Growing Australian Plants

A comprehensive site dedicated to Australian plants in general, and how to grow them. Now back online. The Canberra Region SGAP page is here.

The Ultimate Australian Gardening CD-ROM - Ferns, Palms and Cycads

A site advertising a CD ROM product. There is some potentially useful information on ferns here.

The John Knouse ferns page

A useful classification of the ferns, plus lists of ferns growing in Ohio and Kentucky, and a fern bibliography.


Anyone interested in ferns, and particularly in growing them, should consider subscribing to the Fernet listserver. It is a free forum for the exchange of information about ferns. You join via email. From then on, you will receive by email all the postings to the server. You can ask questions and respond to others. There are members on Fernet from all around the world.

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