Ferns and Fern Allies in the Canberra Region

Calochlaenia dubia - Rainbow Fern

habit Calochlaenia dubia is a pretty ground fern that colonises large areas of hillside adjacent to tree fern gullies and other moist open areas. Its pale green fronds arise from creeping rhizomes. It can spread readily in areas where there is a little more light than in the deepest parts of the gullies. It is very hardy to sunlight and frost. It is one of the more abundant ferns in the Canberra region after Common Bracken. It is easy to grow in the garden given adequate moisture, but it may take over if it likes the environment. It was previously know as Culcita dubia. It is also called Common Ground Fern or False Bracken.


A picture showing how C. dubia tends to colonise hillsides in open moist areas.


Detail of the pinnae. The fronds are symmetric with finely divided pinnae.

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January 1998