Ferns and Fern Allies in the Canberra Region

Blechnum patersonii - Strap Water Fern

Blechnum patersonii is an unusual member of the Blechnaceae, in having single undivided fronds (at least in this area - elsewhere it is reported to have divided fronds more like the other Blechnum species). Fertile frond pinnae are narrower than sterile pinnae. It grows along the banks of creeks among mosses, under the shelter of Dicksonia tree ferns. In the Canberra region it is not common.

habit This small clump was the only example of this species we found in this creek in the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, growing a few inches above a pool in the creek, close to a small cascade. The longest fronds are about 20cm (8") in length. Other ferns in the immediate area were Dicksonia antarctica and Asplenium bulberiferum.

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January 1998