Ferns and Fern Allies in the Canberra Region

Asplenium flabellifolium - Necklace Fern

Necklace fern among the rocks Asplenium flabellifolium is a very widespread fern in the Canberra region, from the dry bushland to the moist mountain slopes. It prefers rocky crevices but in the moister areas it scrambles down the hillsides. It is a pretty little fern and grows easily in gardens in sheltered areas. The fronds in our region grow to 20cm (8") but in other places reach over 35cm. Some fertile fronds grow proliferous tips.
The image on the right shows the characteristic spore patterns of Necklace Fern, including the delicate indusium surrounding the sporangia. The stipe on this large specimen is a dark glossy brown, but on smaller specimens it is usually green. The individual pinnae on this plant were about 2cm (0.8") in width, so this image is somewhat larger than life size. a close up of the spore patterns

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May 1999