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Who did all the work?

Well, CN got things going again with his enthusiasm, after a break of nearly two decades. Then DN got the bit between his teeth and the web pages took shape. (Just think, when we first started our interest in ferns, there was no such thing as a PC!)

HTML coding, Web page design: DN
Photography: DN
Artwork, image management: DN
Writing: mostly DN
Horticulture: CN
Fractals: DN
Critical feedback: CN
Negotiating with authorities: mostly CN
Driving through much wild terrain:
     CN's Toyota Landcruiser Series 80

Whom we'd like to thank

A major influence has been David Jones. We're pleased to report he also lives in Canberra and has been helpful in our current plans to re-survey the area. His 1977 book with Stephen Clemesha, Australian Ferns and Fern Allies has accompanied us many times into the mountains to the west of Canberra, and has been an inspiration for a long time. We'd Also like to thank Graham McKenzie-Smith, Neville Holland, and especially Max Gray, for help and encouragement. Also HR for suggesting the fractal fern page, Lisa Herrington Pritchard and Linda Rathgeber for many helpful comments on the site design, and Brian Aikins for letting us use his article on growing ferns from spores.

Whew! This is getting a bit like the Oscars...

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