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Contacting +ORC: Impossible? Not any longer...

... and a message for him from +daQ

October 9th: Most of you who visit Fravia's pages regularly will know that +ORC is now back in contact, with, I understand, a hotmail email address. See FraVia's page for the latest details.

Earlier, it had been impossible to contact +ORC, after his email address closed down. People were trying a range of ways to try to get messages to him, including using these pages. I had the following message in mid July from +daQ. He passed on a very interesting tale about someone he'd met on May 12th last. Here's what he said:

I mailed fravia the other day concerning this;
I hope this will work in my attempt to reach
+ORC.....I'll let you judge this information
both for its accuracy and relativeness.

While being 'schooled' this past year, I met
an interesting mathematics professor.

He was born in USA, schooled in Germany.  He
had a strong dislike of the university system,
believing the 'pointlessness' of the teaching
was far too, he taught what we
needed to know, nothing more, nothing less.

   [sound familiar?]

The last contact Fravia had with ORC was on
the 13 May. The last contact I had with this
man was 12 May. He was leaving the next day
that I know of for some school perhaps for an
interview I believe.

His specialty was Topology.

I asked him about cryptology while cramming
for his final; he replied with a very lengthy
accurate description that nearly matched word
for word ORC's explanation about PGP.
Interesting, eh? :)

I asked specifically about the cryptology to
study his reaction....there was no surprise,
but I could not bring myself to ask him _the_
question...wether or not he was indeed +ORC.
I mean, what would a prof look at you like if
you did that.... and were wrong.

Oh yeah, he had just returned from Germany in
order to teach.

I know this is all, 100% speculation. But now,
I have no route to contact this man, and if he
is indeed +ORC, then I believe he would check
this page most often.  Since I have given him
these words, and he should remember me :), I
may be fortunate enough to have him contact

Thanks for the opportunity,


A most curious encounter, and like +daQ, I think there are many similarities to what we know (or think we know ;-) about +ORC. If he is a mathematics professor (remember my earlier point in the +ORC "essay" about the term If and Only If ?) then you might expect him to be absent during the summer period, travelling or on sabbatical. And if so, he's likely to be away from his home PC, and all his +HCU materials. Hence not much new stuff... Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice said.

9 October 1997