Websites in Australia and New Zealand
Anne Harkin - Melbourne based percussionist
Amera's Palace - Sydney, Australia.  Everything for the bellydancer - music, costumes, books, videos etc
Amethyst- based in Western Australia
Belyssa - teacher and performer from Perth W.A.
Desert Veils - Farida's dance troupe based in Christchurch, New Zealand
Istanbul Turkish restaurant in Auckland NZ - plus a photo of Zahiya, my favourite NZ dancer
Jasmine's Home Page- Jasmine is a bellydancer from Perth, West Australia
Kashmir - bellydance in Christchurch, New Zealand
Keti Susnjar - Perth, W.A. dancer and teacher
Melbourne Home Page - hosted by Melbourne dancer Jamila (Jenny Lewis)
MEDANZ - The Middle Eastern Dance Association of New Zealand
The Seventh Veil - bellydance shop in Melbourne, Victoria
Shakti Bellydance - East of Melbourne
Tasmanian Home Page
Terezka Drnzik's World of Orientale Danse - Sydney teacher
'The Camel's Armpit' - based in Western Australia - performers, troupes, teachers etc
Zalika's Home Page - Zalika is from South  Australia

Worldwide websites

Anja - costume designer and maker in US
Bellydance bazaar costume & accessories
Costless costumes
- US company specialising in coin, mirror and crystal costumes

'Costuming from the hip' -  informative costuming guide book by Dawn Devine Brown
Costumes - if you think your latest costume is outrageous, then check these out!!!!
Danstuff costume vendor
The Costume Goddess tells all - the Carmen Miranda outfit is a stunner!
Egyptworld - costumes and accessories
Farida -  costume importer in the UK
Ganesha Bazaar - vendor of goods from India, site currently a bit thin, but updates are coming
Isis Imports - costumes and accessories
Madame X - X-cellent costume pages/patterns/helpful tips
Turkish costumes - vendor site with a few photos

Afra Al-Kahira (Reading, UK)
Amal - Italian bellydancer
Aziza Habib - Canadian dancer
Aziza Sa'id -  US site which includes the world-wide Aziza link
Baraka -  dancer and teacher from San Francisco
Bay Area Bellydance Home Page - San Francisco USA
Brazilian site (in Portuguese)  Setrak tapes/CDs for sale with Brazilian dancers on the covers
Eden - US dancer
Esmeray - Swiss bellydancer (page in Italian)
International Dance Discovery - the site of Donna Carlton, author of "Searching for Little Egypt"
Jacqueline - British dancer
Leyla Jouvana - German dancer, beautiful costumes, a regular in the photo section of Germany's "Orient Magazine."
New York Bellydancer - performers, classes, events
Mahea Uchiyama Centre for International Dance
Mayada -  all the bellydance news from Toronto, Canada
M.E.D.A. - the home page of the dancers in British Columbia, Canada including the lovely Setare.
Mid-West Dancers  - maintained by Suzanne in Wichita, Kansas, USA
Morocco - knowledgeable and respected performer/teacher based in N.Y.
MOSAIC - UK based page
Orienta - interesting German site (with English translation). Details of "Orienta" in November - workshops/vendors/performances - featured dancers Nadia Hamdi & Amaya.
Persian Classical Music and Dance - hosted by US dancer, Robyn Friend
RanajmaUS dancer
Ruth Carey's Home Page - Ruth is in Durham, England
Sakkara - costumes/music. This site is in German.
Samia - German dancer (in German)
Shalima - German dancer
Shira's Home Page - excellent site
Sibel Nefa - German dancer
Snake's Kin Studio - US site
Soraya - US dancer
Stavanger Bellydance Club - dance in Norway (site in English)
Suhaila's World - the homepage of US dancer/teacher Suhaila Salimpour
Sylvia Sylla - dancer in Germany (nice site - English translation)
Tamalyn Dallal - US dancer
Yousry Sharif - New York based teacher
"Zagareet" - Taaj's MEDance magazine in the U.S.
Zahra Zuhair - performer and teacher from the US
Zenuba- British dancer

Al Mashriq - the Levant multimedia servers - Arabic culture, society, politics etc.
Arabic Newspapers on the Net
Nagwa Fouad - an article (with photos) from 'Al Ahram' magazine
Wearing the Hejab (veil)

ARA music - source for Arabic & MEDance music
Arabic music - All aspects of Arabic music - theory, forms, history, instruments Arabic music source - Nada's website with MIDIs, music clips, reviews etc.
Arabic music links - Excellent site with music, info and 'music by country' links
ARC Music - UK source for bellydance music and a wide range of world music
Drum (darbeki, tabla, dumbek) rhythms
Music of Lebanon - excellent site, lots of 'real' music (not midis)
Omar Feruk Tekbilek
PE-KO - Music distributors
Percussion East - importer/retailer of wind and percussion instruments
Turkish bellydance music - CD vendor

The Gilded Serpent - on line magazine
Jewels in the Crown - includes an interview with Suzanna del Vecchio

Asim's bellydance Home Page - lots of links to other Middle Eastern Dance sites Middle Eastern Dance resources - the extensive website of Kymberly Cyr in Arizona

Andre Elbin - photographer based in Cologne, Germany.  Specialises in photos of dancers - and does beautiful work
The Bellydance Gallery - hosted by Jeff Obermann
German site - lots of photos

Archive Film  - From the Library of Congress American Memory Page.  "Princess Rajah" filmed in 1904.  Also "Ella Lola" filmed by Thomas Edison.

As-Sayf Home Page - web site maintained by a Swedish dance troupe. The page is in English.
The Near Eastern Dance Co. of California


There is now no possible excuse for a boring web page!  Visit some of the sites below where talented artists have produced backgrounds, buttons, bars and complete sets for you to use on your own page.  As much of it is linkware, it's free!  All the artists ask is an acknowledgement on each page of your site where their work is used.  Some of these sites also have tutorials to help you get started.

Here are three sites with Egyptian theme pictures/backgrounds.
Chaos Graphics
Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt pictures, links, screensavers


Sydney Swans  - Australian Rules football, the most exciting game on earth IMHO
Take a cyber tour round 10 Downing Street, the home of the British Prime Minister.
Danger Mouse - The dashing secret agent who, together with his trusty assistant Penfold, is saving the world from the evil Baron Greenback.
The Death Clock - the Internet's friendly reminder that life is slipping away (with obits. of your favourite and  not so favourite celebs)
International affairs on the Net - Commentary, world wide news, foreign affairs, think tanks, NGOs
Janes Defence Weekly - Intelnet, foreign affairs
The Rock Cemetry - the last resting places of famous rock stars Royal Navy Submarine Museum - Gosport, England
NewsRadio links - excellent Australian site with links to newspapers/media/webcams worldwide
Robin Trower - Ah memories! A rock guitarist from the heyday of power playing Shipwrecks - register of British losses (RN & MN) since 1800s
The 70's  - Radio clips of US ads of the time, glam rock and all the other stuff we thought was groovy way back then......
Newspapers - regional Australia/New Zealand papers and papers from most major US cities

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